About MoreMotion Application Studio

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MoreMotion Application Studio is designed to develop web applications that uses MoreMotion Application Framework and targets to minimize the time to develop professional applications.

It offers you speed with real WYSIWYG capability, modularity and extendibility through library utilization and the latest web technology (XML & XSL).

MoreMotion Application Studio is based on open architecture and allows integration of third party elements and components into the system. It thus offers great flexibility in designing dynamic and database driven applications and it will be your ultimate guide in the process of web application development.



Page Design Area


Keyboard shortcuts

Shell commands

System options


Managing projects

Working with pages


Page templates


Basic elements


Library elements


Dynamic pages as XSL

Data sources as XML




CScript: Compile Time Scripting


Process Management

MoreMotion Application Framework


Note: PDF version of this document is also available under {INSTALL_DIR}\help directory.